Market Trading

Many people dream of starting their own business, but lack the capital or business knowledge to know where to begin but these people are overlooking a fundamental part of the country’s retail sector – market stalls. Relatively easy to start up and extremely cheap to run, markets have actually seen a growth in popularity over the last few years as people are looking for good quality goods without having to pay over the odds.

According to the Retail Markets Alliance, market stalls have consistently out-performed high street shops during Britain’s period of financial instability, making them a solid prospect for investment for those wishing to start their own business, particularly selling clothing and jewellery. From starting a market stall you can begin to acquire all the necessary knowledge and experience you will need to help your business grow and expand without having to worry about overheads like staff, electricity and other utility bills.

Our wholesale fashion jewellery is a perfect choice for people wishing to start their own market stall. Even though times are tough, people are still reluctant to give up buying their little luxuries which has been proven by the trend-bucking profits of the likes of Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Primark and Premier Inn. By offering a quality product at affordable prices, you too could soon see the benefits too!

Make sure that you do a little market research before taking the plunge, and pick a site that isn’t overly saturated with similar products. If you need a little extra start up capital, you will need to approach your bank with a solid business plan as well as a clear idea of projected profits and earnings.

You should also remember that by setting up as a limited company, you will benefit from tax breaks you wouldn’t by operating as a sole trader and you won’t leave yourself vulnerable to possible debts, meaning that your personal property is secured.

Happy trading!

Top Tips For Accessorising

Everybody likes to keep up to date with the latest styles and trends, but sometimes it just isn’t viable to continuously go out and spend money on clothes. No matter how many bargain high street stores there are out there today, sometimes money just won’t stretch to whole new outfits. Luckily, there’s another, cheaper and – in our opinion – better solution: Accessories.

Accessorising can turn even the most mundane of outfits into a statement, whether you want to make your work attire a little less bland or make that little black dress a little more special, how you accessorise can make all the difference to your outfit, helping you to stand out and giving you an inexpensive way to change your outfit every day. Here are our top tips for accessorising.


When you’re accessorising you should always have in mind the overall look you’d like to achieve. There are a number of styles that will always be around – whether you’re going for the classic, elegant style of 1950’s Hollywood or whether rock chick is more your style; your accessories should compliment your dress.


Admittedly, we’re always going to recommend fashion jewellery to everyone, but it really can make the difference between a drab, boring outfit and a sensational one which is guaranteed to cause a stir amongst your friends. Make sure you mix it up a little bit and try and have a few key pieces that you can put with any outfit. You should always make sure that your jewellery matches your personality , as long as you keep a little piece of your personality on show at all times, you will feel more comfortable in any situation


When thinking about accessories you should try to colour co-ordinate as much as possible, but don’t be afraid to clash occasionally! Clashing your colours can make for a bold fashion statement, creating a unique and vibrant look


As much as you can, you should also always try and match your make up to your look. Vamp it up with smoky eyes if you’re going for a darker, edgier look or keep it light with a radiant glow and thin eye-line for a more classic appearance.

Ideas for Wholesale Fashion Jewellery Purchases

Buying jewellery in bulk may seem like an activity restricted to small businesses or traders for the intent of resale, but there are many other times when you or your friends may need to order wholesale fashion jewellery.

With no minimum quantity on pieces compared to other dealers, buying items for a variety of tastes is easy and ultimately saves money by buying in bulk, but being personal at the same time.

An example of a selection you could buy.

Jewellery parties have had success and coverage in the press, but there are many other bulk buying uses and groups of people who can benefit from the time and money saving act of buying in bulk.

Playhouses and theatre groups: If you are putting on a play then you will need jewellery to add an extra level to the performance, it can be an item for an understated character or a lot for an over the top performance. With many characters and productions, getting a few items for a lot of parts can be made cheaper by buying in bulk, easily filling multiple roles.

Hen nights and other large parties: If you want a touch of class to your themed party, you can save by buying items for everyone in your party with wholesale fashion jewellery.

Charity events: Giving away items that people will love is a great idea, and buying in bulk is a great way to get large amounts of quality items for the right price. Goody bags and raffles are perfect opportunities to give people items whilst making money back for good causes.

Weddings: Most weddings stick to themes, and if you have a large event, the need for people to be in matching items is needed. For small outlays compared to the rest of the event, you can get enough items to compliment everyone on the day, adding an extra touch to your special day.

With limitless options of what you buy and how you use the items, it is worth considering buying fashion jewellery in bulk, saving time, money and giving you peace of mind from trusted sources.

Earn Extra Income By Holding A Jewellery Party

Since the recession took hold in the UK in 2009, there has been a massive surge in home business start ups, particularly amongst women. Because of the economic uncertainty, many people are looking for new ways of making some extra cash or setting up on their own completely – bucking retail trends and beating soaring unemployment rates.

For years, we’ve seen women selling products from companies like Avon and holding parties for Ann Summers and the Bodyshop as a means of generating that little bit of extra income, but in the last couple we’ve also seen a massive rise in jewellery parties. As people become more and more reluctant to spend huge amounts of money on clothes and accessories, they’re looking for new ways of finding bargains, and jewellery parties are a great way of making them available!

Through buying and selling wholesale costume jewellery, we’re finding women up and down the country are having a great time entertaining their friends, supplying them with high quality, stunning looking products and making themselves a profit in the process.

Joanna Moore is just one of the women who has taken to selling jewellery from home. A mother of two, she found that working a 40 hour week with a six hour commute on top of that was cutting into the time she was spending with her children;

“I made the decision to cut my hours and work part-time so that I could be there when the kids got home from school and take up holding jewellery parties when I had the time. It’s great because I can put them to bed and invite people around. We open a bottle of wine and I have a great time selling. Even though I plan to keep working my original job, I’ve got tonnes more flexibility now and I don’t have to miss out on my kids growing up. That’s the most important thing to me.”

More women are using parties as a means to gain business experience too. Alicia Armstrong has always wanted to start up her own business, but lacked enough experience to justify taking the initial plunge;

“I’m doing this so I can see whether I’m ready to work for myself. Really, in this game you get out what you put in, and it’s been a brilliant learning curve for me. I’m planning on building and expanding this for a year or so before going to the bank with my business proposal.”


Whether you’re planning on setting up a business, or just looking to make a little bit of extra cash, our jewellery parties could be an exciting, money-generating prospect for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information – we look forward to hearing from you!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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