Jewellery Parties

Selling at jewellery parties can be great fun and very profitable too. London Rock supplies fabulous jewellery ideal to sell at such venues. Our range is varied, high quality and inexpensive – all the things you need to have a successful jewellery party night.

If you're new to hosting jewellery parties, don't worry, it's easier than you think. Whatever your budget may be, we can help you select what's right for you. We can advise you on our best sellers as well as the recommended retail price.

Try to buy a versatile range of products for your jewellery party. You may want to try several unusual statement necklaces, a few wooden bead necklaces, a couple matching necklace and earring sets and don't forget the pearls. Often bracelets sell more than any other category at this kind of venue so makes sure you have lots of different styles to appeal to all tastes.

Don't just go for one price category, mix cheaper ones in with the more expensive ones. Scarves can be a great seller too, and the jewelled scarves we have at the moment are particularity popular.

Your display needs to be attractive and eye-catching. Display the longer necklaces on busts and invest in a few stands for the bracelets. You could lay the rest of your pieces neatly on a plain piece of fabric but be careful not to overcrowd – remember less is sometimes more.

Don't put out more than one of any one style, if a customer likes it they will snap it up for fear of loosing it. Keep identical styles hidden in boxes under the table for you to replenish discretely.

Also, don't be tempted to over price – it's better to keep prices low and create a bit of a buzz. Offer incentives to buy, "That necklace's seven pounds or two for ten pounds." As a general rule you should be cheaper than the high-street. Give a complimentary organza bag with their purchase too – everybody likes something for nothing. Another useful tip is to use portable halogen lights to really light up your jewellery and make it SPARKLE!!

It worth remembering that you'll need to offer a good incentive to entice other customers to host jewellery parties. This could be offering them £20 to spend on jewellery or scarves on the night, whether you sell anything or not. Or you could offer them a percentage of your total sales, again to spend on the night. These are just suggestions, you can decide what you think will encourage the next person to be a host.

Just so you know, the host usually provides the drink and nibbles but I find bringing along a bottle of wine is always greatly appreciated. Most of all make sure you have a fun night!

Other items you may also want to include are:

  • A hand mirror
  • A display cloth, for example black velvet.
  • About six display busts.
  • Bracelet display stands
  • Portable halogen lightening
  • Organza bags for purchased jewellery